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UltraGel and ThickGel are produced from corn and are naturally gluten free. Many of our customers with Celiac's disease or gluten intolerance appreciate UltraGel's ability to replace flour or other gluten-based thickeners in favorite dishes.

Ultra Gel is made from a special type of corn called waxy maize. This special type of corn is hydrated and then dehydrated to form fluffy granules which rehydrate quickly and easily. Hence, it is called an instant thickener because it does not require cooking to thicken. Thick Gel is also made only from a special type of corn but it must be cooked to thicken. Neither thickener has any other ingredients.

Neither Ultra Gel nor Thick Gel will add any discernable taste to the foods you use it in. They will dissolve into the food colorless and clear. It should be remembered that if a thickener is used in place of flour, the flavor may be different as a consequence of removing the flour (flour does add a flavor).

Ultra Gel and Thick Gel are both modified food starches; however, there are a few key differences. The most important difference is that Thick Gel will not begin to thicken until it reaches a boiling temperature. Ultra Gel, however, will begin thickening as soon as it's added.

Thick Gel will thicken more solidly than Ultra Gel. Ultra Gel thickened foods will remain pourable. Thick Gel is more appropriate when a harder set, such as for a meringue pie, are necessary.

Thick Gel is more course than Ultra Gel. While Ultra Gel can be compared to something slightly finer than powdered milk, Thick Gel's consistency is more similar to standard corn starch.

Since both Ultra Gel and Thick Gel are powders, they have a very long shelf life. They are both prone to absorbing moisture from the air, so it is important to keep them in sealed containers. So long as they are kept dry, they will last for at least a year.

If added too quickly to a food, Ultra Gel may form clumps. As well, Ultra Gel disperses best in a cool liquid. For best results, sprinkle Ultra Gel into your liquid while stirring with a wire whisk before the liquid is boiling.

If lumps do form, just keep stirring, and the lumps will usually come out.

Ultra Gel is highly flexible. If something isn't thick enough, just sprinkle a little more in. If something is too thick, simply add more liquid.

Thick Gel can be used in equal proportions to cornstarch. For example, if a recipe calls for one tablespoon of cornstarch, simply substitute one tablespoon of Thick Gel.

Absolutely not. In fact, you'll probably be displeased with your results, should you try this with Ultra Gel. Ultra Gel thickens the pre-mix, and will make it difficult to combine with your food. Simply sprinkle

Ultra Gel directly into the food you wish to thicken while stirring with a wire whisk. No messy thickenings to make.

Starches such as Ultra Gel are very sensitive to an enzyme in saliva. Tasting from a spoon and returning it to the food will contaminate the food with this enzyme. In time (usually an hour or two), this enzyme will break down the starch causing the food to become runny. After this has happened, no amount of starch will cause the food to thicken again. Instant puddings and baby foods containing starches exhibit similar behavior.

Learn to taste by spooning your food onto a tasting utensil. Don't put this tasting utensil in the food. This will keep the enzymes out of the food. It's a lot more sanitary, too.

Larger sizes and/or quantities are substantially more economical to ship than individual packages. By either stocking up, or getting interested friends and family to add to your order, the overall cost compared to shipping them independently can be greatly reduced.

Ultra Gel doesn't yet have the customer acceptance to be economically viable in large retail stores.  Thank you for helping us reach that goal!

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