Carnet Foods

Carma Christensen, President of Carnet, graduated with honors from Brigham Young University in Home Economics with an emphasis in Food Science and Nutrition.

She taught Food Science and Nutrition classes there for three years.

She is an Advanced Master Food Preserver for the Idaho Cooperative Extension Service and has taught numerous food-related classes for church and civic groups.

She is a freelance Food Specialist dealing with:

  • new product development
  • food photos
  • nutritional labeling
  • and testing
  • and was a regional winner in the "National Beef Cookoff" in 1991.

During the past fifteen years of experimentation and recipe development, she has found solutions to many dietary dilemmas with commercial food thickeners, adapted to home use with a focus on creating high quality, convenient, inexpensive, nutritious foods that taste wonderful!

With this website come our best wishes for your cooking success. We are convinced that the recipes and ideas within will give you the guidelines and confidence you need to develop your own culinary creations using Ultra Gel and Thick Gel.

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