Where it all began

I guess you could say that I’m genetically predisposed to be a cook.

It’s an integral part of my DNA. I come from a line of excellent “down-home” cooks and I learned much about the “magic behind the screen” in my youth as a 4-H member.

I started doing foods demonstrations through 4-H at age 12, which culminated in a trip to Denver as a state demonstration winner at age 16 and a trip to Chicago as a State Breads winner at 18.

I also earned state recognition in the public school system in Home Economics.

There was never any doubt in my mind that my college career would center around the magical world of food.

Fast forward many years—I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Idaho Extension Service both in the 4-H program and Master Food Preserver program.

I have worked professionally in Produce, and currently work for a frozen foods company and a sister foods packaging company.

I am grateful and fortunate to be passionate about something I do every day both professionally and personally.

There just isn’t anything more fun than surveying a well-stocked pantry and producing something wonderful.

I became interested in specialty food ingredients when Extension Services introduced recipes for home-canned pie fillings many years ago.

I asked my local kitchen store owner if she would carry the commercial starch used in the recipes, to which she replied that she would supply the starch if I would teach classes.

And after many months of experimenting with many different starches, I came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t fair that industry had access to so many ingredients not available to home users—and the instant thickener Ultra Gel was born.

Carnet Foods has been supplying non-GMO, gluten-free modified food starches to the public for over twenty years.

A word about modified food starches. The word “modified” produces a vision of something just not natural to many people.

But there are many ways to “modify” a product.

For example, cooking an ingredient often modifies it (otherwise, how would sugar, cream, and chocolate become fudge?).

Ultra Gel is made from a type of corn which is mechanically modified in much the same way as instant non-fat dry milk.

There is no chemical or genetic modification.

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