Low/No Sugar

Traditional pectin-based jams can be disheartening to people trying to reduce the sugar in their diet.

Low Sugar Jam with Ultra Gel

Whether commercially prepared or home cooked, traditional pectin jams and jellies require large proportions of sugar to thicken correctly.

Along with being frustrating and finicky to get correct, traditional pectin doesn't allow for replacing sugar with a sugar-free sweetener.

Those looking for low-sugar jams with fresh-fruit flavor will find Ultra Gel™a godsend.

ith Ultra Gel™ don't depend on specific proportions of pectin, sugar, and acid to work, so:

Jams can be sweetened and thickened to taste.

  • The amount of light corn syrup in a freezer jam may be reduced when less sugar is used because the sugar dissolves easier with less crystallization.
  • There is also no need to heat freezer jams, since there is less sugar to dissolve.

Try replacing the pectin with Ultra Gel™in your favorite jam recipe, and enjoy the ability to dependably create lower-sugar, higher-fruit flavor family favorites!

Jelly-lovers will find a very soft set rather than one that will hold its shape.

Add: Low-sugar Raspberry/Strawberry Jam, low-sugar Freezer jam.

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